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Fanfic : Craige [09 Aug 2009|10:24am]

[ mood | jealous ]

Title : Craige.
Fandom : Degrassi.
Disclaimer : I don't own Degrassi.
Characters : Craig, Paige, Manny.
Gendre : Romance / Hurt.
Summary : A Craige hook-up, Craig is with Manny.  Paige is newly single.
Rating :PG-13.
Comments : I always wanted to explore this couple!

Sore-y, hun...................Collapse )

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[07 Jul 2007|11:49pm]

Hey guys. Help me? My roommate and I have tracked down a low quality rip of Swan Song off of Limewire, but we're both looking for a version that we can put on a cd and not have it be completely obvious that it's not an album rip. Do any of you have a good version of this song? Please? We'll love you forever. It's amazing, and I figured that if we could find anywhere, it would be here. :)
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[07 Jan 2007|12:53am]

hey im new
just discovered my love for mr. jake epstein.
im wondering if anyone has any pictures of jake from the most recent episiodes of degrassi?
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It took me forever [15 Dec 2006|12:29pm]

But I finally found the crappy quality picture of me and Jake.

This was taken about 2 and a half years ago... Damn, that's a long time ago!

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[28 Nov 2005|05:49pm]

hey. I was wondering if anyone new a website where i can find songs that Jake sang in Degrassi. I've been looking all over the place and i cant seem to find with i'm looking for! Please help me! Thank you so much!
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Quints [23 Oct 2005|02:25am]

[ mood | tired ]

Check them out at my new community

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[18 Sep 2005|06:48pm]

Jake Epstein journal layout can be found HERE if anyone is interested
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[05 Sep 2005|11:33pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey Hey!!! I see Jake Epstein!!! In Montreal!! So Excited!! Look at the photos that I took! It was for the TamTams of montreal.


Click here for the restCollapse )

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[13 Aug 2005|07:11pm]

Where can I download Voices Carry part1&2?

It would be greatly appreciated :)
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wahooo [28 Jul 2005|02:31pm]

[ mood | excited ]

soo im wayy excited and who ever lives in cali should be also
jake epstein and stacey farber are going to be at the glendale gallieria soo you all should go!

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[19 Jul 2005|08:48pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]



Click on the picture to go to the RP home site OR contact AIM: grade9darc

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[08 Jul 2005|11:48pm]
Question about a spoiler picture from Moonlight DesiresCollapse )
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[17 Jun 2005|04:01pm]

Now at The-N.com:

Sneak peek of the "season" premiere [spoilers!]
The Jake Epstein IM-terview
The Miriam McDonald IM-terview

And also: "Coming to an in-box near you: Look for next month’s NsideTrack to find out how YOU can meet Degrassi stars up close and personal!"



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[16 Jun 2005|09:16pm]

[ mood | excited ]

has anyone seen that commercial where craig is getting beat up. looks pretty crazy. YAY! i wonder who that guy is that punches him.

please, if you have already seen that episode don't ruin it for me. im pretty excited for the new season july 1st! yay

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[24 May 2005|06:30pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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[14 May 2005|10:18pm]
does anyone know where i can download mind the gap songs? i've heard theyre really great but havent heard anything. and jake's voice and guitar skills turn me on like whoa
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for those of you into rating communities... enjoy :) [11 May 2005|10:05pm]

c'mon try one out

they are just for fun, a rating community

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[03 May 2005|06:14pm]

ok .. so i'm new.. although not a new jake fan haha. i ♥ him!

hi everybody!
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wooahh. [23 Apr 2005|10:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

yeah, i forgot to post this lol..


..... so a few weeks ago i was watchng RFR and BAM jake was there, so duh.. i watched it. even tho it was probably a repeat.

anyway, yeah .. HES SUCH A FREAK in that episode. wow. i dont like him there haha.


music is lifeeeee maannnn.. feeellll theeee mussicc <- that was him. and that jake epstein is melted.

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[21 Apr 2005|06:49pm]
Okay. So yesterday I`m doing random searching on Jake Epstein @@ google images, and this pops up.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

is it safe to say "wtf"? haha. Just thought that was sort of funny :)

x<3ox Kaitlyn
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